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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


 photo FIRSTANDI FASHION FADE 2_zpsxxnsktno.jpg  photo FIRSTANDI FASHION FADE 3_zpsr746wkv2.jpg  photo FISTANDI FASHION FADE1_zpshyo0gwya.jpg  photo FIRSTANDI FASHION FADE 8_zpsn8knq2qc.jpg  photo FIRSTANDI FASHION FADE 4_zpspinteksi.jpg  photo FIRSTANDI FASHION FADE 6_zpsetl97hbr.jpg (Trench First&I at ASOS, shoes from Japan, bag from Morocco)

When I was sent the First & I look book, it was a brand that I hadn't heard of, but I loved every piece!  So I was pretty thrilled when the guys sent me some pieces to celebrate their launch on ASOS including this this black mac that is quite frankly, the answer to all of my trench coat prayers!
It's one of those pieces that you wear and within seconds, it has rapidly become a wardrobe staple.  It's more of a light weight trench that can be layered in the Winter but also something that can be thrown on in the Summer months too (not that it gets hot at all in England, not that I'm bitter about it or anything)

I decided to do something a bit different though and wear it as a dress, it's hardly groundbreaking styling, but I love the outcome.  I was back home visiting my mum and Dad and found myself back in front of their little white garage ( A favoured outfit post back drop that I'm sure veteran readers of Fashion-Fade will remember)

This is probably one of my favourite and most comfortable outfits that I've worn in a long time and I can't wait to wear it on my Summer travels. I layered this with my big black overcoat and my little metal engraved bag that I found in the Moroccan souks.

As you guys know, I'm not big on just promoting brands willy nilly but also like to support brands that I love so if you haven't already, check these guys out on ASOS for beautiful, affordable pieces and stock up on your Summer wardrobe.

Peace & Love



Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Treats at Urban Outfitters: Part 3

 photo URBANOUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 3 1_zpslmx5yw2x.jpg

 photo URBANOUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 3 6_zpstedhitjn.jpg  photo URBANOUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 3 3_zpsyxxkwkxp.jpg  photo URBANOUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 3 7_zpsmnw5nbgz.jpg  photo URBANOUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 3 2_zps7lsw0l0f.jpg  photo URBANOUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 3 4_zpsbiaic5fq.jpg (Stage Cage bra Urban Outfitters, white T from a Japanese vintage store)

Happy Valentine's Day people! 

Hope you're all having an amazing day of love/ single Awareness so far, whether you're celebrating all things love today or spending it with your friends or maybe just cuddling your pets, this is my perfect V-day ensemble!

This black cage bra is so amazing that I decided it'd be better worn outside of my T-shirt. Ive always loved the whole "bra over T shirt" concept ever since I bought a chain mail bra on Ebay a few years ago and was determined to find a use for it!

I've spent today walking around the Natural History Museum with Tom and I was like a child at a fairground, he even took me to the mammal exhibition so that I could learn more about my favourite animal, the Manatee (he knows me so well) We're spending tonight staying in with lots of good food, wine and music. I hope you all have a beautiful night whatever you're doing!

Peace & Love



Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's treats at Urban Outfitters: Part 2

 photo URBAN OUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 2 2_zpsomqh58u4.jpg  photo URBANOUTFITTERS FASHION FADE 2 1_zpsvat40swk.jpg  photo URBAN OUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 2 5_zpsjdzskbf7.jpg  photo URBAN OUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 2 6_zps82ez5lhc.jpg  photo URBAN OUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 2 4_zpskzmyaihn.jpg  photo URBAN OUTFITTERS FASHION FADE PART 2 3_zpskfovsatr.jpg (Bra via Silence+Noise at Urban Outfitters, shirt by H&M) 

So here I am in my bra again... I feel like this was probably a dangerous exercise as I'm now going to think it's perfectly fine to prance around town in my bra and pants on the regular. This time this beautiful textured jersey bra is from the lovelies at Silence + Noise It's the perfect "pretty" bra and I love the fabric as its not something that I've seen used for a bra before.

 The colours look amazing with all things white and black and I love that it adds a bit of texture to outfits. I can't wait to wear it when I'm in Sicily over the Summer teamed with some tailored trousers and Birkenstocks.

This is the perfect bra for a lazy Valentine's morning when your loverrrrr brings you breakfast in bed / or when you're slumped in bed watching Netflix with left over pizza ALONE.

But remember people... you don't have to be alone this Valentine's day, Pizza is everyone's friend and eating pizza in sassy underwear is always a good idea.

 Spread the love.



Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine's treats at urban Outfitters: Part 1

 photo urbanoutfitters fashion fade 6_zps0hkk5uqu.jpg  photo urbanoutfitters fashion fade 3_zpsc7k3nfrs.jpg  photo urbanoutfitters fashion fade 5_zpsqf3qrqev.jpg  photo urbanoutfitters fashion fade 1_zpsullacrjk.jpg  photo urbanoutfitters fashion fade 2_zpshnvdthsh.jpg  photo urbanoutfitters fashion fade 4_zpsai97otds.jpg (Nike bra top Urban Outfitters, leopard skirt Topshop)

Welcome to part one of a little series I'm posting for the next three days featuring some of the best bra tops/bralets/croptops that I've selected from Urban Outfitters... On a scale of one to spice girl I've got you covered people.

Valentine's carries a bit of pressure in the underwear department ... caught in limbo between not wanting to look too "slutty" ... or maybe you do, but also not wanting to look like youv'e borrowed your Nan's knickers for the night.

I've always loved buying underwear and I'm a firm advocate of the belief that good underwear can, infact make you feel happier, prettier and maybe even a little bit sexier.

Over the next few days I'm going to feature three bras that I've selected from Urban outfitters that actually don't just have to be for Valentine's but can be worn all year round (and that includes wearing them on show as well as under your clothes)

So yeah... My bra obsession was born due to the fact that as a fairly short girl, I have rather large assets for my size. But looking like the British Dolly Parton isn't all fun and games, particularly when it comes to buying sports bras and any other sort of bra for that matter. The fit of this Nike bra is perfect and I love it so much that I intend to wear it all Summer inside and outside of the Gym ( I have a gym membership and never go, it just makes me feel better having one) I've paired it up with my leopard print skirt and a pair of vans to give it a laid back look and cant wait to wear this with a long black duster coat in Summer.

See you tomorrow for Part Two for more talk on boobs, bras and love!



Thursday, 5 February 2015

Vintage Modern

 photo IMG_4672_zpsbnud1an6.jpg  photo IMG_4654_zpshdlsfvf9.jpg  photo IMG_4671_zpsxmqn38im.jpg  photo IMG_4661_zpsgqcn2uy0.jpg  photo IMG_4646_zpsvb9t4yne.jpg  photo IMG_4656_zpsjb45nks8.jpg  photo IMG_4668_zpsczjsgp5e.jpg  photo IMG_4679_zpsrslp2qgz.jpg

(Dress thrifted, Shoes Steve Madden, Ring YSL, Jacket thrifted, Bag Mulberry Blossom pochette)

Mixing vintage pieces with brand new things is a fundamental rule that my wardrobe has been based on ever since I turned up to college back in 2008 wearing my new Topshop dungarees and some vintage snow boots that I'd found in a Charity shop for £3. Needless to say, I thought I looked sensational.... but hindsight is a wonderful thing and I think I'd just watched too much Napoleon Dynamite.

So,  due to my tendency to purchase bold second hand items, I fell in love with this pinstripe jacquard dress that has a Marks & Spencer's label in the back neck that is so old I think it might disintegrate, as well as a fibre content that should probably indicate that I could spontaneously combust if I were to be anywhere near a naked flame. But at a price of £1, I obviously love it, and I love stylng it with my new Steve Madden lace up heels and my little Mulberry Blossom purse even more!

I think there's something pretty special about giving old clothes new life, although I  wouldn't all rush and buy a pair of jazzy snow boots any time soon.

Clothes have feelings too.