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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

New Summer Newness

 photo first and i fashion fade june art 1_zps8rdsfxfb.jpg  photo first and i fashion fade june art  2_zpstyeedc7r.jpg  photo first and i fashion fade art 3_zps1zzmdgsd.jpg  photo first and i fashion fade art 6_zpsdgb6rm87.jpg  photo first and i fashion fade art  _zpsrmpmc8fx.jpg  photo first an i fashion fade art 5_zpsmvatdhhr.jpg (Two piece from First & I via ASOS, Bag Fashion-Fade X Baiabags collaboration, Shoes Brikenstocks, Hat H&M, cuffs primark) 

Sometimes its better to think outside the box, and this week, whilst dying to wear this gorgeous two piece by First & I, I've been having a bit of a blog brainstorm so that I can make my blog more how I want it to be,  a bit more me and a bit more fun. Unfortunately it's still too cold for this beauty, but I've loved planning outfits with it for my upcoming holiday to Sicily (if you've been, please please please share any lovely things to do/see/eat)

I've spoken before about how I seem to fall in and out of love with blogging. I'm sure that everyone thinks its all freebies and free trips and nice events and parties but it's so much more and it's so easy to lose yourself in that world and the misconceptions. Blogging is hard. Especially when you have a full time job/career that seems to cut into precious blog time.... plus sometimes when I get home, I just want to lie in my underwear and eat any form of food involving cheese.

I've been talking about a bit of an overhaul for a while now and I've finally decided on the kind of vibe I want to go for. Fashion-Fade is something that I've built and I'm proud of, so I want it to evolve and grow up with me.

I'm travelling so much this year... and for once it's for pleasure not business and I can't wait to share lots of beautiful holiday snaps with you. I've finally made the commitment to make Fashion-fade more personal and to also combine my own hobbies and interests in art and music and just everything really. Hopefully you Fashion-fade fans will enjoy it just as much as I'll love posting content.

In the meantime, if there's any particular posts that you guys want to see, I'm definitely welcome to ideas, so leave a comment and keep them flowing. And in the mean time, I will be reminding myself of this quote...

"If you do not like where you are, move. you are not a tree."

Peace and love party people



P.S If you could also help to raise awareness for a cause close to my heart please do so. Please share the hashtags #StopYulin and #StopYulinFOREVER across social media to try and stop the terrible dog meat festival in China. You can also sign the petition HERE.

A little help can make a big difference to these innocent animals.

Thank you.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Pretty Small Shoes: Pretty perfect

 photo IMG_4776_zpssbksidcu.jpg  photo IMG_4778_zpsmjzrr6ek.jpg  photo IMG_4779_zpsoizfibxn.jpg (Parfait boots by Prettysmallshoes )

Recently I was lucky enough to be contacted by Prettysmallshoes. An amazing shoe brand that specialises in custom making incredible leather shoes, boots and sandals for all you small footed beauties out there.

As someone who has narrow feet, I've often had to pass on some incredible shoe purchases due to the fact that shoes just don't seem to fit me correctly on the high street... But prettysmallshoes are here to save the day! 

These beautiful witchy boots, named "Parfait" (a boot I've been looking for for so long and never found) seem even more incredible due to the fact that they were handmade especially for me! The thing that makes me love them EVEN more is that the leather is so soft and basically makes you feel like your boots are made of butter... which I know doesn't sound too pleasant but I don't know how else to portray how ridiculously comfy these boots really are!

My only criticism of the brand is that they only up to a size UK 3... which I'm sure will leave anyone over that size heartbroken!

I cant wait to style these boots for sunny evening drinks this week..... Well done Pretty Small Shoes for making the comfiest, sassiest boots I own.




Sunday, 19 April 2015

Summer is here (almost)

 photo fashion fade first and i kimono_zpsb25qyitj.jpg  photo fashion fade first and i kimono 4_zps3ryrrxkf.jpg  photo fashion fade first and i kimono 2_zpsabbffs81.jpg  photo fashion fade first and i kimono 3_zpstsriljkm.jpg
 (Kimono worn as dress FIRST&I via ASOS, cuffs Primark, sunglasses Ebay)

A short but sweet post today, due to the fact that I just seem to be so crazily busy at the moment! Those of you who follow me on instagram @penelopesarah will have seen that I've been back to Asia and I've also been working on the Native Youth AW15 lookbooks and campaigns... Its a part of my job that I really love but unfortunately it leaves less time for blogging!!

Anyway, back to my outfit... this is another piece from the First&I collection that I cant get enough of, especially as it fits in with my current obsession of wearing coats/ macs/ kimonos as dresses. It's the perfect number for holidays and summer weddings and I can't wait to throw this on over my bikini when I'm in Sicily. You can get your mits on one HERE.

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday.

Peace and Love



Tuesday, 10 March 2015


 photo stevemaden fashion fade _zpsnrtkda7h.jpg  photo silkfred dancing leopard 2_zpsfigabgqs.jpg  photo silkfred dancing leopard 3_zpsppff9er5.jpg  photo silkfred dancing leopard 4_zpsipo4vrzf.jpg  photo silkfred dancingleopard 1_zps6qoxwrgt.jpg
 (Shirt by Dancing Leopard via SilkFred, trousers Topshop, shoes Steve Madden, necklaces various, bag vintage Dorothy Perkins)

Something a little more dressy for you guys today, because I actually don't always look like I've just rolled out of bed... well at least I hope I don't.

So this is basically one of my current favourite outfits including this beautiful tie waist shirt by Dancing Leopard. I was recently introduced to the site SilkFred and instantly fell in love. The site features loads of new and independent designers which is perfect if you're looking for something that's just that little bit different, I get loads of pieces from this site and also love knowing that I've bough from independent brands and new designers.

The necklaces are various ones that I've collected over the years that I like to wear all at once, mainly because looking like the female Mr. T is exactly what I'm going for.




Wednesday, 25 February 2015


 photo FIRSTANDI FASHION FADE 2_zpsxxnsktno.jpg  photo FIRSTANDI FASHION FADE 3_zpsr746wkv2.jpg  photo FISTANDI FASHION FADE1_zpshyo0gwya.jpg  photo FIRSTANDI FASHION FADE 8_zpsn8knq2qc.jpg  photo FIRSTANDI FASHION FADE 4_zpspinteksi.jpg  photo FIRSTANDI FASHION FADE 6_zpsetl97hbr.jpg (Trench First&I at ASOS, shoes from Japan, bag from Morocco)

When I was sent the First & I look book, it was a brand that I hadn't heard of, but I loved every piece!  So I was pretty thrilled when the guys sent me some pieces to celebrate their launch on ASOS including this this black mac that is quite frankly, the answer to all of my trench coat prayers!
It's one of those pieces that you wear and within seconds, it has rapidly become a wardrobe staple.  It's more of a light weight trench that can be layered in the Winter but also something that can be thrown on in the Summer months too (not that it gets hot at all in England, not that I'm bitter about it or anything)

I decided to do something a bit different though and wear it as a dress, it's hardly groundbreaking styling, but I love the outcome.  I was back home visiting my mum and Dad and found myself back in front of their little white garage ( A favoured outfit post back drop that I'm sure veteran readers of Fashion-Fade will remember)

This is probably one of my favourite and most comfortable outfits that I've worn in a long time and I can't wait to wear it on my Summer travels. I layered this with my big black overcoat and my little metal engraved bag that I found in the Moroccan souks.

As you guys know, I'm not big on just promoting brands willy nilly but also like to support brands that I love so if you haven't already, check these guys out on ASOS for beautiful, affordable pieces and stock up on your Summer wardrobe.

Peace & Love